About Us

Originally just a little group of seven Hanover mums (and mums-to-be), would spend their late Tuesday mornings in Village. We ate cake, we sipped tea and we shared our woes of life, as well as celebrating the joy – always with the added bonus of Irish music. We told our birth stories, introduced our babies to their new best mates (who are definitely going to be friends forever), we gave support and we offered advice. But one of the best things was just hanging out with other mums who are equally as exhausted and clueless as you are. When we weren’t scoffing cake and chatting about how few hours sleep we’d had, we connected through a Whatsapp group.

Our little group kept growing, and there’s now 20 of us mamas, and we have almost 250 members on our ever-growing community Facebook page, Raising BN2 and our Instagram. We still stand by our original ethos; support, solidarity and of course, cake.

But as the seasons pass and cake becomes wine, our babies are growing and so is our community! We have found ourselves in the perfect position to give something back. We recently created a box for Samara’s Aid, and in December we will be putting on an event at The Hanover Centre, where we’ll be raising money for Syrian refugees living here in Brighton and also for refugees living in camps abroad. Our ‘Raising for Refugees’ event will be supporting Brighton Voices in Exile as well as The Worldwide Tribe. We aim to continue to hold charity events, as well as creating aid boxes to be sent out to those in crisis.

As we are quite a big number, we’re a real mix of different personalities but we are always compassionate, kind and non-judgemental. Please join us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to get involved with our community.

– The Mamas